Say Hello to a New Chromebook

Welcome Chromebook…Seriously

By Steven Clickford (Twitter: @Sclickfo | Insta: @steven.clickford)


Alphabet’s Google division is set to announce a new line of tablets based on the Chrome OS. I really never understood the concept of an operating system with a graphical environment on solely a web browser. OTTH I can understand why a case to make an Android based tablet, or netbook, but does this mean that Android could be nixed in the future with this apparent hybrid environment as seen on social media?

And people complain about the costs of Apple products? Why should a customer pay $250 on an laptop that is mostly dependent on the Internet when you could get comparable Windows solution with more storage, RAM, CPU, etc for about the same price?

You’re just paying for the hardware. There has to be a reason why the desktops disappeared because if there was a smart customer, he could’ve gone on eBay and buy a thin client for a fraction of the price and still have local availability in case the network or internet (or DARE I SAY THE CLOUD) goes frizzy.

Yup I call this a toy of a computer. And Google is like grade school of technology outside of the search engine…



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