Apple’s “Field Trip” To Chicago!

 “Please Let This Be a Normal Field Trip”.  With Apple, of course!

By Steven Clickford (Twitter: @Sclickfo | Insta: @steven.clickford)


I couldn’t help to resist.

Since a YouTube embed of a school age TV series; let’s have that be the focus today.

Apple today was in Chicago showing of the latest wares for the K12 market. Actually, a market this writer feels has been neglected for a while now. In today’s keynote, Apple introduced a new 9.7 inch iPad, from the jist of it reminds me of my iPad 2. For only $299 if you’re in this sector; you can get this shiny throwback of an iPad. Also for just $100 more (or about by a dollar) you can get the Apple Pencil that was once exclusive for the iPad pro to let your students be artists, write dirty notes to exchange to their peers or use it as an old school stylus instead of pointing and tapping.

Some new updates to apps such as the Pages and interoperability to the iBooks Author app including updates to GarageBand. Now there is some teacher focused apps such as Classroom and to compete against Google Docs for Education, Apple will supply students an astounding 200 gigabytes of storage per student.

Typical for Apple of late, no new Macs, Apple continuing to deemphasizing unique brands like the change from iBooks to Apple Books (how is it different from Google Books?), apparently no successor to the iPad mini 4.

The other thing that has not been mentioned is any Mobile Device Management. Many are not happy with Apple’s current offerings, if they want the new iPad to be a success, they need to step up on MDMs for the education especially for privacy and security reasons. The other thing missing is Apple not at least focusing on Mac sales for the one to one education (meaning one laptop per student) and the Mac is still really relevant especially for sophiciated  projects. For Apple to forget the MacBook line is really an injustice for the real world who will have to deal with these mobile/app natives and see another melting of special snowflakes in the technological sense in the years to come.



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