Commentary: Why I Re-joined Facebook in 2016

By Steven Clickford

Twitter: @SClickfo | Instagram @steven.clickford | Email via Contact page

I’ve read commentary about how people left Facebook years back and felt proud that they did it. Well I have a countering view.

When I purged my Facebook in 2010, I did it out of disgust not because of Facebook, but just the social circle I had at the time. I relocated without much of a trace.  Oh yeah, you could get rid of your Facebook entirely without the deactivation, since deactivating just enables Facebook to freeze your data some more. Just because no one else can see it doesn’t mean Facebook can!

But in 2016, I felt I needed to connect to people, I wasn’t sure if social media was the answer (like Twitter, the Facebook fan pages or Instagram) or social networking where I would reconnect with people I know in the real world.

Well I decided on the latter. I am not happy with Facebook’s alleged manipulation of my country’s election, and the latest scandals of late. It’s not about what you like or what you post, it’s the stuff behind the scenes that even my old grade school friends are not aware of! Facebook has an ethical problem, and that’s for another day to bash.

I am well aware of the Facebook-friends, the thousands that one “knows” and all the bullcrap. Yeah I have been exploited by the popular folks who still think they are in high school, and other drama I have avoided. I’ve had strong opinions, and sometimes strong language, but of course it was isolated to a few people, and it bit me back. I have an undisclosed number of people who reach out to me. One was a class picture of 4th grade via Messenger, when my Facebook profile was  deactivated. Well thank goodness for that technical difference for me to feel a bit valued from my old friends I haven’t seen since the last century, because my social life was like a kid moving from state to state, when for me I just went from one special ed program to another but still remained in that same town that I not call “home” anymore.

I have never blamed Facebook for the decline of socialization or the anti social nature of today’s modern society. It’s the people that have done that. Just like how guns don’t kill people, it’s people. And bad people can make Facebook a very anti social world.

Now on the other hand, I do think Mister Zuck has a lot to explain with the last two scandalous stories that have rocked the stock market in the last week. No sector or even tech company has moved the markets like this in years.  Public opinion is mostly mixed or “meh” when people really should be pissed.

The Facebook platform is a lifeline to some people, despite its technical flaws.

That’s all I have for today.


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