The Company to Hit a Trillion on Market Cap?

It’s not part of the FAANG Gang. It’s Microsoft!

By Staff Reports

Morgan Stanley believes that nether member of the FAANG Gang, that is Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Google will not be the first company to hit a trillion market cap. They believe within a year Microsoft, which is hitting record highs of a pre 2002 split adjustment of nearly $200 a share, currently with the current split adjustment is just about $89 x/share. But if you’ve been holding Microsoft for over a decade (or even two!) you’ve been screwed over with the leadership of Bill Gates and Steve Balmer.

With Satya Nadella’s leadership of forcing customers to pay up with stricter licensing (i.e. “subscriptions”) and even a greater push to the cloud for their 90% plus installed base of PCs using Windows, this could make Apple cry.

Shareholders have been standin’ by their company they hold for so long. Why would it be worth 1 trillion dollars? You multiply the share price to the outstanding shareholders. So if MSFT does well for the next year, and the shareholders are still standin’ by Satya, expect to see the least expected company to hit a trillion.



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