VizRT is giving away free copies of VizArtist

By Steven Clickford

Twitter: @SClickfo | Instagram @steven.clickford | Email via Contact page

NewscastStudio reports that VizRT, the Norwegian CGI solutions for  broadcast TV is reportedly giving away a entry level license of Viz Artist, the graphics software that helps people design graphics on a very complex and complicated graphics systems that VizRT sells. VizRT also announced they are changing the licensing structure as well.

While the app maybe free now, as attendees to the NAB Show (which your’s truly is writing this at), the system as  a whole can be strongly criticized for an extremely complicated, complex system for a viewer’s point of view may result in a lot of text clutter, and other over stimulated content.

The embedded video is an interview of Chris Jarzynka, formerly a full time meteorologist at the writer’s home market of WMUR-TV in Manchester. Now as a freelancer at the station given he works for Viz full time; your’s truly, because he’s been known to be a nice guy, gave Jarzynka 10 minutes to sell Vizrt and all the great things at the 2017 NAB Show. He said “big data” is the future of broadcast garphics.  Despite a local connection, and an “in” for a review; one remains skeptical even though the app is “free” to download for others later this month.



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