Facebook at the NAB Show

By Steven Clickford

Twitter: @SClickfo | Instagram @steven.clickford | Email via Contact page

A couple of representatives from the social network  Facebook, which drew a lot of public opinion indicting them for not properly keeping data from Cambridge Analytica in England from taking over 80 million users of the social network.

The reps went over an hour discussing Facebook’s changes from the News Feed that celebrated it’s 10th anni last year. The recent change in January, has forced content creators to think differently. They are trying to de-emphasizing  various “bait” to provide better quality in their view. Conveniently, they deflected the latest drama to the “leadership” and that “the leadership would speak on the issues this week”. Tuesday to be exact. and wouldn’t focus on that today.

The focus was Facebook’s intent to integrate traditional media to social media. Examples of Facebook’s latest pet projects was the Facebook Watch, a boutique platform for people like TB12 and other creators where the focus is on quality on the users who care and value the content.

Facebook recently has focused on friends and family and other people who engage, remember the sudden changes to fan pages after January 15th?  This refocus began in 2016.  They used an example of a New York Times reporter who went to Live and found old photo negatives (this is how people took photos back in the day for those who were born in the digital age, I mean after 1996) to see if someone could recover them from a pile of trash the Times reporter ran into.

They are cracking down on the various “clickbaits”, oh and there is “engagement bait” and “reaction bait”. Can you say control freaks?

With the those changes to videos, the brass stated people will tolerate ads if they care and value the content. They are also testing six second pre roll which obviously was technically banned on Facebook pages prior to.

Meanwhile on Instagram, they are pushing out stories too. However, if you upgraded Instagram from the skewmoprhic icon days, the app is more cluttered, and some pages are like Facebook pages, defeating the purpose of the simplicity and ease of use of sharing photos.

The dog and pony show for the Menlo Park, California based social media “platform” lasted for about 45 minutes leaving no questions for the audience to ask any questions, conveniently may I add.



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