*Whines* “You Just Don’t Understand” Defense.

= = = An Editorial = = =

The disconnect of Silicon Valley and the East Coast was apparent during April’s Congressional hearings with Mark Zuckerberg, the Chief Executable Officer of Facebook because we all know he’s the coder than an Executive. Because we are based on the East Coast and just happened to be in the Pacific Time Zone, literally working for professional development and trying out new stuff, and attending seminars to write for Techicenter.

The tweets from the socialsphere was rather comical, because tuning to cable in early evening (PT that is) is all taped news shows that were focusing on politics. So yeah, it’s hard to catch up further away from real action.

*Whines* You’re Punishing Us Because you Don’t Get Us

The problem is of one thing. Facebook is an American company. Our governance is headquartered in Washington D.C. There is an informal rule of social norms for an example  the “rule of court”. Trying to avoid comparing criminal court to the legislative branch, but there is a “judge’s rule” in the court system;  so in this context, the “chairman” of the House or Senate has certain “rules”, such as acting like an East Coast boy and comply with the rules of the questions and answer them directly! Facebook is like: You don’t get us- attitude.  Zuckerberg still continuing to act like perpetual teenager that insults the legitimately developmentally disabled people (some who are desperate in growing mind you) thinking he’s above all social norms, that the world revolves around Silicon Valley, and thinks he’s holier than Jimmy Crickets.

Again I have not watched much coverage because our mainstream media neglects the value of digital media to just put the raw ingested video out in some cloud so we can make an intelligent decision and see it ourselves if say we have a beat to cover from another time zone. What I will say it was political charades by one party, but Zuckerberg skiedaddied around questions that appears to had been scripted but Zuckerberg was able to get away with his vague answers. (Like the infamous “platform” that is of Facebook.)

As you know, the writing style on this site is far from the way Zuckerberg talks.

I avoid emotional subjects, or get sepemential about the little start up companies that have grown and not matured their business to be more compliant.  D.C. is not an angel ether. Too many established people in places where they shouldn’t be established. The idea that any high tech company thinks they can spy on any of their user’s data without a specific and explicit statement in a user agreement that has more words than the Bill of Rights, would be just criminally insane.

It’s fair to say The Valley ethically and morally bankrupt, as his appearance in D.C. was just another city in his Apology Tour ’18!


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