Facebook Fallout: New Ad Campaign Selling the User to Trust Them

Facebook Buys Ad Time Over the Weekend in hopes Users will Trust again

From Staff Reports

On televisions or TV like screens, viewers of over the top TV or traditional TV got this on their screens during commercial breaks

The commercial by Facebook is reinforcing the previous apology tours of connecting to people you know. The ad captured the attention because in earlier frames, you see the user interface evolve from the 2007 era, to the 2011 era to the app era of today. They are sure resonating with the audience who has used Facebook back in the early years promising they can have quality control over the content.

This has been confirmed this aired network TV as well as over the top platforms such as Hulu over the weekend.

The amazing part is why it took so long to get this message out.  It’s thoughtful, but whether actions follow is another thing.



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