Techicenter is a phrase derived from tech and epicenter, that professional, non technical subjects such as enterprise technology, the abnormal consumer tech discussion and technology in the business and the business of technology comes into the core. And given the disruption of technology, this is causing waves whether for the good or bad.

I write stuff for this page from the mind of an aspiring professional storyteller (i.e. a journalist) with taking notes I have gathered, or notes I write and put into a narrative.

Specific subjects are the servers, specific applications, Unified Communications, Broadcasting and New Media and ethics of technology (if there is even such.)

This site strides to be a journal, and play an equal level of information to help Average Joe X IT Guy or Mister Executive Deciding C.I.O.  to understand the tech world outside the day to day, high tech, deep level discussion and more of a general discussion for the people who are not in that said field.

The content of this site will be produced on a PDF like magazine on a quarterly basis to mimic a magazine like medium.

This portal is based out of a little attic level office in a Cape sized house in Southern New Hampshire, just north of the Boston metropolitan area. Virtually all the content is written by a human writer with his own words.

Social media and specific domain name will be coming out soon!

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